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What Is CheckIn Gizmo?

CheckIn Gizmo is a safety net. It’s a service that will contact your loved ones when you might not be able to.

In a world where independence is cherished, many of us choose to live alone, embracing the freedom it brings. However, this independence often comes with a concern, especially for those with limited day-to-day interactions: “What if something happens and no one knows?” CheckIn Gizmo is designed to address this very concern, offering a safety net for individuals.

At it’s core, CheckIn Gizmo serves one purpose – if you don’t check in when you said you would, it will raise the alarm bells. It’s best explained with some real life examples:

For someone who lives alone

I am a middle-aged man living alone in a foreign country. My friends say I’m silly and that they would know if something happened to me, but I know that sometimes days goes by without me posting on social media. CheckIn Gizmo gives me the confidence that someone will know something is wrong a lot sooner. I have mine configured that I have to check in every morning by 9:00am (I wake up at 4:00am, so for me 9:00 is late). It gives me a reminder on my phone by 7 and if I haven’t responded by 9, it will send a text message to 3 friends asking them to please check in on me. I haven’t needed it yet and I hope I never will, but it just gives that peace of mind that if I’m lying on the bathroom floor and can’t get to my phone, someone will be alerted in hours, not days.

For the Adventurer

I do Kayak fishing here in New Zealand where fishing is great! I love it, it’s a great way to recharge for an introvert like myself. And I want to do it along, part of that recharging happens because of the alone time out there on the water, just me and nature. But there’s real danger in doing that. So many things can go wrong out on the water and because I do this alone, the question is again, how long will it be before someone knows I’m missing?

Now safety on the water is not a joke, so I don’t rely solely on CheckIn Gizmo in this case. I have a VHF Radio and a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon). But I do use CheckIn Gizmo as a final safety net, if I can’t get to either of those 2 devices, I do want someone to know that I’m out there. So the night before I go fishing, I set up a one-off event on CheckIn Gizmo for 3:00pm the next day with a message of where I’ll be launching from and when I expected to be back.

The beauty of CheckIn Gizmo is that it’s not dependent on your phone being connected to the grid all the time. The actual checking of your schedule is done by our Cloud servers (on the Internet) and it’s those servers that will send a message to your emergency contacts if something goes wrong, even if your phone is not connected at the time.

For that first date

What if you’re going on a date with a stranger? You might not want to tell your friends about every date beforehand because, you know… pressure. But you do want someone to know if you don’t get back from your date in a reasonable time. Simply set up a one-off event in CheckIn Gizmo for a time that you’re comfortable with and give details about where you’re going and who you’ll be with etc. etc.
If all goes well, you check in at the agreed time and you can decide who you want to tell about the date. But if there is ever a problem, then at least somebody will know and will have all the details about where and with whom.

With CheckIn Gizmo, living independently doesn’t mean being alone.