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Surprising Health Benefits Of Solo Living

I’m 52 years old now and have been living alone since my wife and I separated 6-7 years ago, I forget. For the most part I’d say I want to meet someone and get married again, I miss the companionship and having someone around to share life with. But there are many, many benefits to living alone as well. A big part of the audience for CheckIn Gizmo are people who, like me, live alone, so I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately and today I wanted to share one of the surprising benefits for me, the health benefits.

Shortly after my divorce 7-odd years ago, I was struggling with a number of health issues, the most scary one being a very high systolic blood pressure reading, hovering around 190-220 (it should be 120 or below). On top of that I was told that I was pre-diabetic and I got an infected cyst on my side that didn’t respond to antibiotics and needed an emergency operation to cut it out as the infection was spreading through my abdomen. I was told my kidney function is failing and lastly I had some serious heart palpitations and chest pains and a few times thought I was having a heart attack. Generally I think my body was busy failing at that time, too much physical stress from all these things AND too much emotional stress from the divorce.

The doctors were great with the acute care dealing with the cyst and short-term care, but useless with a long-term plan to get me better. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started fasting. Over a period of a few months I did a 7 day water-only fast, a 14-day juice fast and multiple other 7-10 day juice fasts. People say that fruit are bad for diabetes, but I don’t agree. My juice fasts were predominantly fruit (probably 70% fruit and 30% vegetable juice) and after a few months when my doctor checked my HbA1c readings again it had dropped from the pre-diabetic range to the normal range.

Anyway, I’m digressing a bit, but the point of the story is that I’m pretty certain I would not have succeeded with those extended fasts if I was not living by myself. I am very easily tempted by food, which I’m sure is why I ended up with all these health issues in the first place. So if I was living in a house where other people were eating their usual meals and there were tasty smells floating around the house, I would not have gotten very far with the fasting. In fact, the day that I started the 7-day water fast, I disposed of all temptations in my kitchen. I was living next to a single mother with 4 kids, so I took all lollies/candies and biscuits and stuff and gave it to them as well as all disposable foods in my fridge at the time. The first 4 days were difficult and I spent a lot of time watching youtube videos about fasting to keep me motivated. Again, something I would not have had the liberty to do if my wife was around, thinking I need to be more productive.

After those juice fasts I went on to a Whole Food, Plant Based diet for a few years, then onto a ketogenic diet and most recently, the complete opposite of a WFPB diet, I’ve turned to a Carnivore diet:) These are all extreme dietary changes and were fairly difficult for me to take on as a person living by myself. I think they would have been pretty much impossible for me if I had someone else in the house unless that person or those people all joined me with 100% compliance.

The Health Benefits

So 7 years later, did it work? Have all those dietary changes while living alone improved my health?

Yes, to some degree. At my last GP visit a few weeks ago my GP suggested some pain meds for back pain and I said I don’t take pain meds because my kidneys are failing. She had a look at my latest blood tests and said “your kidney function is perfect, what are you talking about” and only when she opened up the detailed records and could see what my previous readings were she said “oh wow, no they’re really improved. Keep doing what you’re doing, your kidneys are fine”.
I don’t have heart palpitations or chest pain at all anymore and as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve gone from pre-diabetic to normal blood sugar levels.

so yes, there’s been many improvements. I still have some issues and it’s all part of a journey, but all-in-all my health’s improving and my relationship with food is much healthier now than it’s ever been.

This is not medical advice

For the record, this article is in no way meant to be medical advice. I’m not suggesting at all that fasting or any extreme diet is the right choice for anyone else, that’s not the point of this discussion at all. I do believe that a bad diet is the cause of most of our modern day health issues and that eating healthy can help most people. It’s up to you to figure out for yourself what healthy eating means for you personally. This article is simply pointing out how living by myself has helped me with the discipline side of sticking to those healthy and in some cases, extreme, eating plans.

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