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Stay Connected, Stay Reassured.

Do you worry about your mom or dad, but don’t want to be checking up on them everyday?

What if you knew that no news is good news?

CheckIn Gizmo will ask them to check in once per day or as often as you’d like. And as long as they respond in a reasonable time, life goes on and there’s nothing to worry about.

If, for some reason, they do not check in within the timeframe that they (or you) have configured for them, our cloud servers will send their emergency contacts (probably you) a text and email letting you know that they haven’t checked in.

No news is good news.

As long as you don’t hear from us, you know that they were able to check in when expected.

What is CheckIn Gizmo?

CheckIn Gizmo is a mobile app, but it’s more than an app, it’s a service that provides a little extra peace of mind to people who live alone or occasionally do things on their own.

You configure the app to say when you expect to check in. For example, an older person living along (or middle-aged like myself) might say you’ll check in every morning between 7am and 9am. At 7am CheckIn Gizmo will then show you a reminder and you just have to click a single button to confirm “All is good”.

If you haven’t checked in by 9am, the system will prompt you again and if there’s still no response, then the CheckIn Gizmo cloud server will send a note to your configured emergency contacts asking them to check in on you and make sure everything is okay.

If this is your mom or dad we’re talking about, then you might be the configured emergency contact

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