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Jessie’s Story

Have you ever worried about what will happen to your pet if something happens to you? I have… I develop anxiety every time I leave the house that I’ll be in an accident or something and that my dog, Jessie, will be stuck inside my house with nobody to care for her. I’m 51 years old and my dog, Jessie and I live alone in a semi-rural area. The beautiful Jessie is the main reason I decided to develop Opal Secure so that, in case something ever happens to me, somebody will know that she’s alone at home and needs help.

This is Jessie when I just got her from the SPCA. She has no reason to be sad, she’s sitting on dad’s chair after all, but that’s just her default look to get whatever she wants out of me, including control over “the chair”.

I do have friends who care about me and in fact, my closest friend had a serious discussion with me to assure me that I am loved and will be missed if I ever disappear off the radar when he heard I was developing Opal Secure. But the fact is that I work from home and while I do have caring friends here in New Zealand and family back in South Africa who love me, it is quite likely that a few days will pass without anybody noticing that I am missing.

Peace of mind that someone will know

Opal Secure is designed exactly for this reason. An automated way to let someone know that “Hey, Dirk hasn’t checked in for 24 hours, can you please make sure he’s okay” or “Hey, Dirk’s suppose to check in every morning before 8:00am, but he hasn’t”. And in my case the message will include a link to specific instructions that mention that Jessie will be home alone.

It’s just that peace of mind that (1) I won’t be lying on the floor clenching my heart for days and (2) innocent little Jessie won’t be lying there next to me wondering how long I’m going to keep playing this game where I’m pretending to be dead.

Sorry, I’m being overly dramatic, but these are the thoughts that went through my head and led me to develop Opal Secure. And whether you get overly emotional about the care of your pet like I do or not, these are real situations that Opal Secure can help with.

* For the more technically minded, the reason I have “the app” in quotes is because it’s not actually the app on your phone that will be sending the message. In case your phone’s battery dies or you’re off grid for some reason, you still want the message to go out. So it is the Opal Secure cloud servers that will send out the message in case it doesn’t get a check-in confirmation from your app by the expected time.