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Emergency Contacts

If you’re seeing this page, you probably received an email saying that a friend or family member has asked for you to be one of their CheckIn Gizmo contacts.

CheckIn Gizmo is an innovative safety and wellness monitoring application designed to provide peace of mind for individuals who are either living alone or undertaking some lone adventure.

At its core, CheckIn Gizmo is about improving the safety and well-being of our users. Whether it’s an elderly family member living independently, a lone adventurer enjoying the great outdoors, or someone simply seeking an extra layer of safety in their daily life, CheckIn Gizmo acts as a guardian angel.

How People Use CheckIn Gizmo:

  1. Someone living alone: wants to make sure their loved ones know if they weren’t able to check in in the morning.
  2. A brave soul going on a first date: wants a friend to know if they’re not back from the date after 3 hours.
  3. An adventurer going on a hike or kayak fishing trip: might be off-grid for a period of time and wants a friend to be aware and come looking for them or inform the authorities if they don’t return as a reasonable time.

How Does CheckIn Gizmo Work?

  1. User Check-Ins: Users set up regular check-in times according to their routine. These check-ins are simple, requiring just the click of a button within the app.
  2. Alerts for Non-Check-Ins: If a user fails to check in by their designated time, CheckIn Gizmo immediately triggers an alert process.
  3. Emergency Contact Notification: This is where you come in. As a designated emergency contact, you’ll receive notifications if the user misses their check-in. This allows for a prompt response, ensuring the user’s safety and well-being.

What Does It Mean to Be an Emergency Contact?

There is no regular commitment or check-in required from you. Your role activates only if there is a missed check-in by the user.

As an emergency contact for a CheckIn Gizmo user:

  • You are a vital part of their safety network.
  • You will receive alerts via email or text if the user fails to complete a scheduled check-in.
  • Your prompt response to these alerts can be crucial in ensuring the user’s safety.

Safety Plan:

It’s a good idea to discuss this with the person who has asked you to be their contact in CheckIn Gizmo. You should agree beforehand what you should do if ever you receive an emergency text from CheckIn Gizmo.

Your role as an emergency contact is invaluable in supporting the safety and independence of your loved ones. Thank you for being a part of the CheckIn Gizmo community.