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Changing Names

CheckIn Gizmo is well on it’s way. All major functionality is working, the server sends you a push notification when you’re due to check in and it sends you an SMS message and soon thereafter sends your emergency contacts a message if you haven’t checked in when you should have.

There’s still a lot of work left cleaning up the app to make it look better and more intuitive and make it more robust.

So development is going well, albeit with a lot of hickups and learnings. However, this week I decided to change the name of the app. Originally I had called it Opal Secure. No particular reason, it felt like a soothing name and the “Secure” bit fit in with what the app offers. Unfortunately, last week I discovered that another piece of software, completely unrelated, with a similar name. Unfortunately their website domain name is very different to the product name, which is probably why I missed it originally. Nonetheless, I decided it might cause confusion and that it would be better to change names now, before launch.

Finding a name for an app is hard!

No look, it’s not easy coming up with a name for an app! I enlisted the help of ChatGPT, Google Bard, my friends and family members and there were some good suggestions, but nothing that I liked AND was still available. After days of frustrations I settled on Checkin Gizmo and didn’t even ask my friends and family for feedback, I just wanted to be done with it.

Why CheckIn Gizmo?

My company, which has been around for years, is called GizmoPress. I used to develop custom functionality for our WordPress customers and each solution (WordPress plugin) was called a Gizmo. I kept the name long after I stopped working with WordPress and used the company for consulting.

Very boring stuff… I’ll stop talking, but anyway – It’s a Gizmo that allows you to check-in etc. etc.

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