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Your lifeline when you’re alone.

  • Will someone know if I’m hurt and can’t get to my phone?
  • Who’ll feed my dog if I’m in an accident?
  • First Date. Am I safe?

Ever wondered how long it will take for someone to realize you’re in trouble? CheckIn Gizmo gives you peace of mind that someone will know. Our service is designed to keep you and your loved ones connected and safe, even when you’re apart.

How it works

CheckIn Gizmo will let your loved ones know if you haven’t checked in by a given time..

1. Define your Schedule

Let the app know how often you want to check in – once per day, every morning and afternoon or only on weekends.

You can have multiple schedules and be as specific as you want or keep it simple with a single check-in.

2. Check In

At the given time, CheckIn Gizmo will show you a notification on your phone and you simply click a button to confirm you’re okay.

As long as you respond within your defined time-frame, all is good and life goes on.

If Something’s Wrong

If you don’t respond within your defined time-frame, then the CheckIn Gizmo server will send a notification to your defined contacts so that they can follow up and make sure you’re okay.

This way it’s all in your hands. As long as you check in with the app at your configured time, you don’t have to disturb your loved ones. However, if one day something does go wrong, the CheckIn Gizmo will let your love ones know and they can follow up to make sure you’re okay.

Use cases

Living alone

A person living alone could schedule a check-in every morning. As long as they check, in all is good. But if ever they’ve not able to check in, CheckIn Gizmo will inform a friend or loved one who can then check up on them.

The Adventurer

Going on a hike or Kayak Fishing on your own? Worried that you may lose cellphone reception while nobody knows you’re away?

First date

Going on a first date and want to make sure someone will know if you’re not back at a reasonable time? Let CheckIn Gizmo send details of who you’re with and where you were going to your friends if you’re not back by a certain time.

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